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It’s amazing what the National basketball association has been able to produce thus far this season. So now we are starting to get closer to the point where we will have to vote for our favorite all star basketball players and pit them against each other this spring in the NBA spring classic all-star game.

Last year the western conference led by all stars like Tim Duncan and L.A. Lakers Kobe Bryant scored over 120 points and slam dunked the ball to a victory thus confirming the dominance that the west has had over the east since Michael Jordan left the national basketball association.

“Use your aggressive feelings. Let the hate flow through you.” Was coach Phil Jacksons advice for the big game last year and sure enough it seemed to work rather well.

Now you will have to vote and there are two ways to do so the first is to attend any basketball game this season as you will receive a ballot during half time and you can punch out the holes and chose a center forward, power forward, point guard, and shooting guard for your team.

Shaq has been the longest running center and player to be voted in each and every season since his rookie year. Even though he does not put up explosive numbers the fans love him and there fore seems to be worthy of a vote. Also Lebron James even though he is despised by the fans in Cleveland, Ohio certainly deserves a nod for his excellent performance thus far this season.

Also the all star rookie game will take place February 21st the Friday before the Sunday all star game. On that NBA weekend there will also be a slam dunk contest where the judges vote on a scale from 1-10 on the quality and unique attributes of the dunk.